Vision of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship

Vision of Abundant Life of Crystal River, Florida

A.     Vision of growth.

1. It’s not about the number of bodies in the church; it’s about the number of souls won to the Lord.

2. This will cause growth with over 50% of the congregation being actively involved in ministry of some type. There will be new ministries birthed at Abundant Life – including prison ministry, home-making, child raising and so on.

3. An expansion plan that is attainable. We will need a new building because we have outgrown our space in our current building.

4. Becoming one of the largest and most effective churches in Citrus County because every member sees the need for personal evangelism.


B.     Vision of excellence. 

1. A church that strives for excellence in every aspect of life – inside and outside the church.

2. A people that will have a building and campus so beautiful that the people of Citrus County notice that we care about the things God has provided us with.

3. A church that is a haven of rest for people who have burdens too great to carry on their own; a place where people can receive assistance and confess their sins without anyone condemning them.

Isaiah 4:6 – NKJV

And there will be a tabernacle for shade in the daytime from the heat, for a place of refuge, and for a shelter from storm and rain.

4. A church that reaches out to people of every type of background so that we can truly say, “Everyone is welcome here!”


C.     Vision of renewal of purpose.
We are a church that is identified not by our doctrine, but by our love for Jesus and our desire to share that love.

1. A church so excited and grateful about what God has done, is doing and will do for us that the people of Citrus County cannot help but want to find out why we are so happy all the time.

2. A people who love one another and do not complain about one another.

3. We are a church that knows and embraces her mission to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, grow them to maturity and equip them for service to the glory of God.

4. We are a church that embraces change, looking toward the future with great hope and anticipation.


D.    Vision of authority.

1. A church that preaches and teaches the entire Word of God boldly and without apology or compromise.

2. We are a church that is built completely upon the Word of God and filters everything we do through the Word of God – not our intellect, experience or tradition.

3. A church that is known in the community as a place where you can go to receive deep, meaningful teaching in the Bible.

E.     Vision of worship and witness

1. Having Bible studies, Sunday School and other meetings and classes that are not a place of gossip, grumbling and complaining. On the contrary, our Bible studies, Sunday School and other meetings and classes are a place where we can grow, learn and be edified.

2. Our Sunday morning worship services are not just another church service. They are times of explosive, meaningful and reverent worship and praise – a time where people come and experience God’s presence and leave on fire for God.

3. Our church services are a time where people can hear relevant, life changing messages from the Word of God.

4. Our services are a time of renewal, where people can “come as they are” in their blue jeans, tee shirts, etc. as long as what needs to be covered is covered.

5. Our Wednesday night services are not our mid-week obligation. They are our peak of the week where we receive a spiritual impartation.

6. Our youth group is not just another place for teenagers to hang out and play foosball. Our youth are powerful ambassadors for Christ in their schools and in our community.